It is normal for the more educated inhabitants of the colonies to follow the intellectual happenings in the main city, while the inhabitants of the centre have no idea of the ideas being generated in the colonies. But it is a pity, because it is on the fringes that interesting things are being created. And, after all, the whole of Christian civilisation is based on a cult that emerged in a marginal part of the Roman Empire.

That’s why we follow Anglo-Saxon thinking in our Czech lands. The official one — the politically correct ideology of the globalist empire — but also the oppositional one. Even if it is difficult for us. For example, the view of humanity divided into races — this has always been unfamiliar to the Slavs. But we respect that it is fundamental to Anglo-Saxon thought, even if we find ideas like the establishment of a white ethnostate led by Americans horrible. And we are also keen to understand the constant desire to wage war against Russia, even though it is completely strange to us. Meanwhile, we resist American influences like anti-genderism and multiculturalism.

However, if the English-speaking world would occasionally look into Slavic Eastern Europe, it would find some interesting things too. For example, the ideology of the conservative left, which is natural to us and incomprehensible to Americans. It is linked to the idea of the national state, which defends its citizens against both Sorosian non-profits and multinational capital.

This time, however, I would like to present a different perspective. Its author is Ivo Budil, professor of anthropology, author of many books and founder of two universities. He is also a man who faces a lot of unpleasantness in today’s Czech Sorosian state:


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