It’s always good to be able to look at both sides. So while I’m a supporter of Israel in the Gaza conflict (as if Hampl’s opinion matters), I’m interested in the other side’s reasoning. We’ve had a few conversations with Czech supporters of Palestine, and when you talk to them for a while, all that comes out in the end is plain primitive anti-Semitism. When these people hear the word “Jew”, they just turn off their brains.

But there must be some reasonable argumentation. So I read with interest two documents that should be intellectually up to the mark. A statement by the American black churches and a statement by Republican members of the House of Representatives of Arab descent. In one case, a lengthy account of the oppression of blacks in America and then a critique of American aggressions against Iraq, Libya and other countries. In the second case, just criticism of the aggressions. And then a direct demand that Israel stop defending itself. How is this related? I’m afraid only in the way that both evoke the same emotions.

And, of course, everything Hamas says is the pure and unquestionable truth. And for a member of the Slavic nation, one more interesting fact. According to the jihadists, the American crimes do not include an attack against Serbia or anything else against the Slavs. Discrimination against subhumans is not discrimination.

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