Philosopher and linguist Dr. Hejlek said:

“Time, including historical time, is uncompromising. History clearly shows that every attempt to return to the basics in order to correct or, on the contrary, to consolidate the existing state does not end according to the ideas of human planners. Consider the Reformation in the 16th century. Initially, it was an effort by the Reformers to return the Christian Church to the original state of the primitive Church. Instead, an entirely new branch of Christianity and Christian culture emerged. Nor did the national revival mean a return to the antebellum state as many understood it at the time.

People could not be expected to give up trying to make a comeback, but in the end it still resulted in something new that they not only did not intend, but often could not even imagine. The future cannot be planned, it can only be imagined, as Schelling wrote.”

I add that our situation is strange because those who are inaccurately called progressives or neo-Marxists (and who form the ruling class in the Czech Republic) no longer even try to plan for the future. They advocate changes in social institutions, but they do not ask what this will lead to in the next ten years. They are in favour of an escalation of hostilities, but they do not ask what the situation will be like on the battlefield in a few months’ time. They invite millions of migrants to join us, but they do not ask what this will mean in a generation. They have neither good nor bad plans. They have no ideas. The fanatical crowd can’t think about the future. They see only the present moment.


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