The Gallup Polling Institute has published a report showing that the Democrats are in the worst shape in history ahead of the upcoming election. Everything is pointing towards an electoral slaughter on November 8th and Republicans taking control of Congress and the Senate. Then President Biden will not pass anything at all. A very skillful politician could cut a deal or deal by decree, but that is clearly not the case with Biden.

For the Europeans, this is no cause for rejoicing. If no one is in charge, then any tycoon or ‘patron’ can push through almost anything. Including new wars and escalation of existing wars. And the moron crowd in newsrooms and cafes will applaud it. And the few corporations that profit from it will simply pay Republican Congressmen instead of Democratic ones.

…new wars and escalation of existing wars. And the moron crowd in newsrooms and cafes will applaud it.

After the presidential election two years ago, I wrote that America had effectively gone to a one-party system. That the Democrats control everything and the Republicans are unable to compete with them. It behooves me, then, to look again at my mistake at the time, and to find the error.

I was right that the Republicans have not improved. They just keep rehashing what brought Trump’s defeat in 2020. Same platitudes, same faces, same ideas. I just didn’t appreciate the stupidity of the Democrats. I knew they were going to get worse and worse. Still, I couldn’t imagine someone so incompetent that they couldn’t take advantage of such a huge triumph. I can imagine it now. The President is not just a slowed down old man with occasional memory lapses, but a downright demented person. The Democrats couldn’t change election law or the workings of the Supreme Court (even though they fought hard and had the strength to do so). They couldn’t even mitigate the effects of the war on the US economy. They couldn’t distribute money to key constituencies. Even more incompetent than we could have imagined.

And it’s going to get steadily worse.

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