A decade or so ago, the political and economic elite were divided on climate. Some groups (non-profits, radical students, parts of the state bureaucracy and the entire transnational bureaucracy) wanted decisive action at any cost, regardless of the consequences. They were opposed by corporate executives and people more connected to business, and also by a large part of the political elite. While they agreed in principle, and wanted to make money out of it, they generally preferred a more pragmatic approach, more sensitivity, gradual steps, postponing the harshest measures… in short, they wanted to avoid an economic collapse.

In theory, the latter should be more powerful, but practice has shown otherwise. Pragmatic CEOs were swept away by fanatical non-profits.

Now we see the same division over the Arab-Israeli conflict. The elite is again divided into the same groups. Radical non-profits, universities and much of the civil service support jihad, business people and senior people in the civil service are more pro-Israel.

If the same mechanism is still working (which is very likely), the whole new aristocracy will adopt hardline anti-Semitism within a few years. Not only will it be anti-Israel, but it will also tolerate or participate in pogroms and Jew-hunts. Those who do not go along with the crowd will be excluded from polite society.

A commenter on Unherd reminds us in this context that at elite universities it is already a strict obligation to hold several closely related positions: climate bigotry, LGBT, anti-white racism, support for immigration, and anti-Semitism.

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