A Turkish man living in Pilsen, Czech Republic, who is an ardent supporter of Hamas and an endorser of all its practices, has put up signs on his establishment explaining why killing Jews is justified. The police began to investigate, but the public prosecutor put a stop to it. The Turk is supposedly entitled to express his opinion about Jews, so what’s the big deal.

Perhaps it would make sense if we lived in a country where a broad understanding of freedom of speech prevails. But we live in a country where literally every day people are judged for expressing incorrect opinions. So is the desire for Jewish blood the right opinion?

Rather, we are running into what someone inaccurately calls a “double standard.” In fact, it is the application of a clear and simple principle: freedom of expression is only for the ruling oligarchy. It applies equally to everyone. Become a member of the ruling oligarchy and freedom of expression will apply to you too.

But the implication of all this is that Muslims are automatically considered to be members of the ruling oligarchy, with all the benefits. The case mentioned is not the first. We have an earlier ruling that the hate speech sections cannot, as a matter of principle, be applied to Muslims. And there is another older court decision which says that it is unacceptable to apply the same strict regulations to Muslims as to natives.

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