General Petr Pavel, whom Soros’ NGOs pushed for the Czech presidency, was an elite agent of the Bolshevik secret police during the communist period. His documents show that he was incredibly zealous. Much more zealous than was usual in the 1980s.

This connection between multinational NGOs, American capital and the Communist secret police is common. In the first years after the end of communism, the rule in the Czech branches of American companies was that anyone who did not work for the communist secret police could not be a manager.

But today I will point out another aspect. According to a “accidentally” leaked report, the intelligence quotient of the Czech president is 107 points. There is a lot of talk about it. And there is an idea associated with it that a person with an IQ of 107 is stupid, almost demented.

It’s a misunderstanding. An IQ of 107 implies above average intelligence and a pretty bright person, even if he’s probably not exactly a chess grandmaster. It should be plenty good enough for a job as a wreath-layer and speech reciter.

But so far we’re seeing something else. Mr. President may be perfectly disciplined, but it is clear that he is unable to understand many of the things he deals with. It is also clear that he is unable to read a speech written for him in a cultured and convincing manner (which is a typical sign that he does not understand the words he is reading).

So it is much more likely that Petr Pavel’s IQ is somewhere below the first standard deviation. Let’s say between 80 and 85. Then it would mean that he leaked the ” hundred and seven” on purpose and on the instructions of one of his advisors. He avoided speculation about an IQ of 80. And if he said 140, no one would believe it.

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