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This brings us back to the Great Replacement and the colonization of the remnants of the West. In fact, the aristocrat-lokai concept fits perfectly with the Muslim concept of dhimmi, where Muslim rule is based on a section of non-Muslims serving them. This servant class can have a powerful position.  At a time when the colonists are unable to cope with the technical and social complexities of the world they are conquering, they may even have a very strong position. They can accumulate wealth. But they must not put up open resistance. And they must expect to be constantly humiliated.

How would a Saudi-Qatari occupation  of Europe differ from the status quo?

We have touched on enrichment, great replacement and colonization. Now let us imagine a fourth hypothetical situation. The Saudi-Qatari army would defeat Europe in an open tank battle and the European states would capitulate. How would a Saudi-Qatari occupation differ from the status quo?

  • The same managers would be in charge.
  • The Muslim community would be equally favored
  • Occasionally a murder or rape and the courts would not be too concerned.
  • Insulting Islam, what is now called Islamophobia, would be punished.
  • Sharia would be superior to local laws, as the constitutional courts state today.

Again, this is a situation we know from the other side. European colonial troops defeated a band of native kings. What followed was the seizure of territory, settlement, division of land, division of functions. What else is going on?

Not fighting is evil

The difference is that armed conflict was omitted. We in the Czech Republic know a similar event in our history. In 1938 we had an army of millions with modern weaponry and excellent training. The Czechs were determined to fight Hitler. And the cowardly politicians decided to surrender without a fight. The result was a trauma that affected the entire nation and has not ended to this day. It was wrong that our grandfathers were denied the right to die fighting. It is true that war is wrong. And it is true that dying in a lost war is even worse. But to give your country over to plunder without fighting at all – that is the worst option imaginable. And that is the case in contemporary Europe.

France gives the impression that there is still hope there – unlike the UK and Germany. Hungary is putting up a heroic resistance…

There are, of course, differences between countries. France gives the impression that there is still hope there – unlike the UK and Germany. Hungary is putting up a heroic resistance, and its neighbours are cheering it on. But on the whole, the trend everywhere is in the same direction. Towards aristocratic lackeyism and extinction.

What does this imply? That the ideology of multiculturalism is pernicious, of course. But it also implies that if the West is to be saved, there must be a change of elite. It is not a question of what kind of families these people will come from. It’s about the people capable of leading it again. People who are not afraid of negative news articles. And above all, the way people get and stay in the ruling class needs to change. Above all, the defenders of the West must defeat the transnational bureaucratic organizations, the multinational corporations, the globalist universities and the big media.

After the era of lackeys, the era of kings must come again.

After the era of lackeys, the era of kings must come again. Or, as I personally would prefer, the era of a new republicanism. An era of real democracy. An era of reason, rationality and determination.

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