“Non-democratic countries can in a sense set an example in this respect: by severe (self)censorship and limiting the availability of information, they seal the information space so that their doctrine is not questioned,” wrote Bob Kartous, one of the key ideologues of the current Czech government, a few days ago.

That he would want to adopt repressive practices from those regimes he describes as inhuman dictatorships is not at all surprising. That he publicly advocates it is a little surprising. But the point is that he is unable to even take a good look at how those authoritarian regimes do it. For while the rulers there realise that freedom of expression can be dangerous, they also realise that it is very necessary in some areas. So they treat it accordingly. In Russia, you are free to criticise incompetence and corruption in the military, because that criticism leads to a correction of conditions and an increase in combat performance. But you are not free to criticise the personality of Vladimir Putin, because that attacks the core of the regime.

The Western elites cannot understand the difference at all. In our country, you have to pretend that even the most foolish course of action will lead to victory over Russia. If you point out that they are making mistakes, you are branded an exponent of Russia. there is no discussion, there is no thinking, there is no search for more effective ways. The result on the battlefield is consistent with that.

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