America’s best

Jul 1, 2024

In East Bohemia, a regular meeting of fans of the Southern Year took place over the weekend. The freest and most rebellious day of the year. Southern flags, American motorcycles, Czech beer. Totally cool.

For those of us living in the American colonies today, it’s an opportunity to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t judge history and nations only by the situation of the moment. That the US is today an aggressive, conquering empire threatening the entire world does not change the fact that it is a country with the potential to be a great place to live. And that it is a country that is close to us civilisationally and where many wonderful things have been born.

For example, redneckism – that is, a culture of poor and hard-working but proud, confident and fighting people. People who are not ashamed of their position but have no problem in resisting the nobility. Who can enjoy life and are prepared to defend their lifestyle. Against everyone, including their own president.

An America of good people has a legacy to build on.

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