No change in sight

Apr 1, 2024

Those “populists and extremists” gathered again on Saturday on Wenceslas Square in Prague to call on the Fialova government to resign. It will, of course, continue to rule for the remaining year and a half. Does it make sense to fight against it with these protests? And what traces will her presidency leave on the Czech Republic?

Since the first big demonstrations, I have been warning that it will neither force Fiala’s government to resign, nor will it force it to take a more moderate stance, nor will it threaten it, but will instead strengthen it. So now I am not allowed into some of the alternative media. And let each reader judge for himself whether this has destroyed Fiala.

As for the footprints left by the Fial government, let’s not forget that this is not some aberration, but the new normal. This is the way this country will be governed until some sort of contralita capable of standing up to it forms. Ruling power will only begin to be threatened when its opponents are smarter, more capable, more organized, united by a stronger ideology, etc. The more capable triumph over the less capable. This is the iron nation of history.

You want change? Then work on yourself to be the more capable ones.

7) What would the ruling icoalition have to do in the time remaining to be able to turn the record voter distrust into the electoral victory that Petr Fiala is still convinced of next year?

The coalition still has some chance that the election result will allow it to continue governing. If it manages to push through a postal vote, it is almost certain to stay in power. But even without it, it is not without a chance.

Popular discontent is having relatively little effect on electoral preferences. This is mainly due to the complete incompetence of the opposition.

Moreover, even if Prime Minister Fiala is replaced by Prime Minister Babiš, the current ruling group will continue to hold the Senate, the Office of the President, the Constitutional Court, Czech Television, Czech Radio, the secret police and dozens of other institutions of power.


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