Will the European Parliament elections in two and a half months’ time be just another nudge for the West to self-destruct, that even the measures that are being thrown at the population of EU countries, which are being perceived as harmful only by farmers and motorists, will not convince the majority of voters to say enough to this trend?

The public space is now full of grandiose formulations, with various candidates lying about what will change if they get into the European Parliament. Let the reader calculate for himself what would change if, for example, a hundred Eurofanatic MEPs were replaced by a hundred reasonable ones. It would not have the slightest effect on the activities of the Euro-palaces. Nor would it have the slightest effect on the intimidation of small states by large ones. It would not stop the Green Deal. It would not lead to the protection of the borders of the Schengen area. The only change would be that it would make the approval of certain documents more laborious and nerve-wracking.

In short, all trends would continue as before the elections, regardless of the outcome.

Is our country divided between populists, extremists and Eurosceptics on the one hand and those who mean well for the Czech Republic and therefore vote for the five-coalition, as STAN’s leader in the Euro elections and possible future Czech EU Commissioner Danuše Nerudová believes?

I do not think we should waste time on Mrs Nerudová’s feelings. The lady is interesting only because she shows that a weak-minded and uneducated woman can get a professorship in the current environment, can become rector of a university and does not even mind that the school is being stolen from under her hands.

Almost nowhere is the current decline of civilization so frightening. Intellectuals have always been arrogant and irresponsible, but they have not been stupid and primitive.

And what about the populists, extremists and Eurosceptics?

In every argument, each side feels that theirs is great and the other is evil, insidious, amoral, etc. But reasonable people realize that the other side may see it the other way around.

Only complete primitives are absolutely certain of their truth without any need to subject it to critical scrutiny.

(The second part of the inverview for Parlamentni listy)


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