How do you see the development in the Czech Republic, but also in the EU in the next few years?

I assume that the development of the EU will be uneven. Some countries will cope with the changes, some will cope partially, others not at all. We can therefore expect successful, prosperous countries and something that will resemble Latin America in the 1970s – poverty, underdevelopment, corruption and huge social disparities.

These are two related changes in particular. The end of US power domination, which we see in Ukraine, and the exhaustion of an economic model based on the global division of labour, with East Asia providing industrial production, other regions providing agricultural products and raw materials, and the so-called West providing banking services and running everything. Most of the world is slowly discovering that it can do without those banking services, that it can do without Western advisers, and that we no longer have anything to offer them even in the field of science and research.

Countries such as Hungary and Austria have understood the importance of self-sufficiency and building relations with China as the new global hegemon. Countries like France are manoeuvring. And others are hopelessly locked in the past.

And at the same time, Islamic colonization will proceed, with the more backward states understandably more vulnerable.

Do you think Trump has a chance of being elected president in the US in 2024, or is he more likely to be silenced or outright arrested by the establishment, having just been impeached for sedition on January 6, 2021 ?

Donald Trump’s chances are certainly not zero, but they are less than 50%. And not just because the practices that used to be typical in Africa and Latin America have been quietly introduced in America – including the criminalization of political opponents and the shooting of people demanding an investigation into electoral fraud. It looks like Donald Trump couldn’t beat Biden even in a perfectly fair election. The Trump of today is not the Trump of 2016. He lacks his brain back then – Steve Bannon. Let us not forget that Trump’s real opponent is not Joe Biden, but the collective oligarchy, which I call the new aristocracy.

You have started a school of so-called. Jungman National Academy, what is it about?

We are making a top education available to people who for various reasons don’t want to or can’t apply to current humanities colleges. Our typical student might be a craftsman, an engineer, a teacher or an interior designer or a more perceptive salesperson. When I say top, I really mean the best that is available in the current Czech environment.

The way it works is that you spend the whole day in a small circle with, for example, Professor Krejci, who explains the geopolitics of China and Russia, or with Associate Professor Švihlíková, who explains the laws of international economics, or Professor Budil, who talks about the thought foundations of Western civilization. Ideal for people who are not satisfied with superficial explanations but do not have time to read thousands and thousands of pages.

The spring courses were completely sold out, so we have significantly expanded our offer for the autumn and are opening a branch in Otrokovice in Moravia, previously the courses were only in Prague. All this is aimed at creating a layer of people with good education and excellent analytical skills, as a counterbalance to the mob primitivism of the new aristocracy and the tabloid “alternative” focused on conspiracies. The formation of such a layer is one of the necessary conditions for positive change.

Are you writing a new book?

For the past year I’ve been giving most of my time to the Jungmann National Academy. However, I have started working on a book called On the Rule of the People. It will basically be a detailed elaboration of Breaking the Walls Two, where I explain how seemingly ordinary everyday activities can gradually change the power situation in a country.

What do you think is the most important thing to do at the moment to avoid panic and confusion about all that is happening?

First of all, to reckon with the fact that the rule of the Soros groups in the Czech Republic will last for a few more years. To arrange one’s life in such a way that one can survive it personally, to have pleasant people around one and to build a base from which to support change. I, for example, trained as an electrician and became more connected to subsistence networks.

Secondly, it’s important not to live by the events of the moment, but to look at long-term trends. If we were to let every villainy that the current ruling elite does spoil our mood, we would have to fall into a new depression every day and we would soon go mad. Rather, we need to think about the future, about a new social model and how to one day repair the damage that is now being done.

My guess is that within three to five years, conditions will change so much that change will be possible in the Czech Republic. That is not to say that change will actually take place. It will be determined by whether an opposition with sufficient capacity to change the country’s civilisational direction, as has been done in Hungary, will emerge by then. It is high time to start working intensively on a new national future.

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