“Those who reject nationalism are on their way to becoming racists. This is why the new racism is being promoted mainly by people with high incomes and good education”

Racists against the nations

I am afraid that anyone who does not want to be a nationalist is doomed to become a racist.

This statement would have sounded exaggerated or even nonsensical just a few years ago, but developments have since confirmed it. Western liberal elites have moved to a racial mindset.

I don’t want to open up the question now of whether or not this is a legitimate redress of some historical wrong. But it is clear that people are now being judged according to what race they are classified as. Race is taken into account in the selection of applicants for study. Subsidies are awarded according to race. Candidates for employment and candidates for promotion are selected on the basis of race. Not covertly, but openly and ostentatiously. Racial affiliation is filled in questionnaires and companies send reports on how many people of which race work in which department. A few years ago this would have been totally unimaginable, but today it is a reality.

Note that this new racism is being promoted mainly by people with high incomes and good education, i.e. members of those social classes who have spent decades fighting nationalism. Those who reject nationalism are on their way to becoming racists

Unnecessary billions

Note that members of the current global superelite combine incredible greed with wretchedness and narrow-mindedness. After all, in the past, it used to be that a king or a great man had a goal, and he tried to extort as much as he could from the people to fund that goal. Sometimes it was a huge luxurious palace that was unmatched. Other times it was an expensive war campaign. Building a gigantic canal. Running a harem of many thousands.

But today? Bill Gates’ 30-chamber palace may compare to the mansion of a baroque grandee of regional stature, but it’s not much for the world’s richest man. A small private island? Flights into space? Fool! They should think about Gatestown or Bezostown on Mars. Billions pile up for nothing and their only purpose is to make billions more. It’s all the more absurd to try to get more and more at any cost.

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