Children’s antibiotics and some other medicines are not available in the Czech Republic. The supply is worse than at the end of the communist period before 1989. This is not just an inconvenience for the population. It means that some people are dying who could have lived for many years. It also means that some people will have failing health who would not have had failing health if they had been given the right drugs in time. That means unnecessary dying in the years to come.

We can’t say how many such cases there are because it blends into the statistics with long covids (and possibly the consequences of vaccination).

People are angry at the government for not taking action, but there is a more serious problem in the background. We don’t have drug factories and we want the Chinese to make them for us. O.K. But what can we give them for the drugs? Raw materials? There’s nothing mined here that they need. Other products? Our factories have closed and are closing. Agricultural products? We’ve reduced agriculture and are liquidating the last of the leftovers. Services around tourism? We have famously driven out Chinese tourists. The only option left is to sell ourselves into slavery, but I’m afraid no one in China would care about that population.

So more people will simply die and life expectancy will get shorter. It’s getting shorter in the UK and the US too, and yet we belong to the West.

If you don’t live in the Czech Republic, don’t get too excited. Sooner or later, this trend will also affect other countries.

On Europe, Islam and backwardness

“Today, the West is ruled by people whose economic relationship to reality would not stand up even in archaic and magical societies that believe in “Lord of the Flies”. Their ideological eclipse of the mind has replaced the rationality and pragmatism of previous generations. The countries of the global South no longer intend to satiate the “prosperity” of the self-centered and arrogant West by exploiting their cheap labor and natural resources. Moreover, they have mastered the tools of modern national economy and technological development and are becoming increasingly skilful and confident,” writes Ivo Budil. Very precisely.

But it may also mean that the Islamic desire to conquer will no longer be balanced by our overwhelming technological and knowledge superiority, as it has been in recent centuries and as we have come to take for granted. The West is gradually collapsing into superstition, darkness and primitivism. Science is for some an expression of sexism and racism, for others a tool of the secret elites. Both groups feel it can be replaced by stupid superstitions. And rich Islamic countries may not be able to grow their own science (they probably never will, except in Iran), but they can understand its importance and can buy it. I don’t mean the primitive conquering hordes like those flocking to Europe, but those who support them from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and elsewhere.

All this is making things extremely difficult for the West and reducing its chances of survival. We need absolutely radical change within a generation.

On human bait

I was under no illusions about the war, but this is strong even for me. To quote from Western mainstream war propaganda:

“Meanwhile, operations are conducted in such a way that the first attack forces the Russian artillery to fire large quantities (or all) of ammunition and then quickly undertake another before the Russian logistics are sufficient to replenish the ammunition stocks of the frontline artillery in that section.”

In other words, the Ukrainian NATO forces are sending entire detachments of soldiers to their deaths – for the Russian side to use up their ammunition. And our Facebook warriors are clapping enthusiastically.
If they were sending, say, horses into a minefield, it would be considered extremely unethical. But there is clearly no harm done to the “Ukrainian material”.

On American universities, admissions and race

More on the controversy over racial quotas in American universities. It is an embarrassing issue for white people there. If admissions are purely based on academic ability, knowledge and test scores, then the top universities will be purely Asian. No whites, blacks, Hispanics or anyone else. If race is taken into account, then it will indeed favor whites against Asians (so some will get in), but it will also favor blacks against whites. That’s why it’s such a hard thing to do. Even the author of the article on Counter-Currents can’t handle it fully.

Is there anything that can be done about it? Of course you can. Like disrupting the idiotic system where life chances are dependent on getting into a top university. Give reasonable life chances to those who didn’t get into top universities. And not create a social atmosphere that only people working in high positions in large organisations are worthwhile.

Private arms companies, corporate arms companies, state arms companies…

How did America break its once invincible war machine, asks a commentator in Foreign Affairs magazine. And he answers: By privatizing America’s defense industry.

Even the neocons can see it now. Privatization is great if the goal is to maximize profits. Privatization is highly problematic if the goal is good jobs, quality supply, or even security of supply.

The US corporate machine is unable to keep up with the Russian state machine. It’s not that the Russians were genetically superior. They simply have a better setup.

Of course, it is often important to use private initiative and encourage human creativity. A combination of partial privatization and state management can be great for such a purpose. But beware, such a combination can also lead to the notorious “state costs and risks – private profits” arrangement. We are entering very sensitive ground. But one thing is certain. At no time, under any circumstances, must any private or corporate entity acquire the kind of power (even economic power) to control the state bureaucracy.

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