A world without Alex

Oct 18, 2022

A few years ago, I admired Alex Jones and his Infowars server for their fearlessness, incorrectness and determination to openly mock the ruling elites. It was only later that I gradually realised that this was not an act of resistance, but what Marx called “opium”. Infowars comforts people with surrogate targets, provides them with entertaining stories of secret elite conspiracies, and prevents them from seeing what economic and power changes need to be pushed through. It destroys the opposition by spreading nonsensical stories, thus fooling members of the opposition on the one hand and creating a gap between anti-system radicals and the mainstream public on the other. In fact, it does more to maintain globalist rule than most of the mainstream press. By the way, he’s been doing a decent job of it.

It was on full display in 2020. As recently as May, Trump looked utterly invincible, but in June, Infowars launched a huge campaign, radicalized some of Trump’s voters, divided them, and ultimately contributed to his defeat.

Infowars launched a huge campaign, radicalized some of Trump’s voters, divided them…

Now he has been destroyed by those he has helped (knowingly or unknowingly). In 2012, there was a mass murder at Sandy Hook (New Jersey) Elementary School and Alex Jones aired his usual version – the whole thing was a hoax, it was all staged by actors, the corpses were rubber, etc. But the offended survivors took it to court and ten years later Alex Jones was ordered to pay them a billion dollars. It’s a totally absurd sum, unusual in America, and apparently it’s all about one thing – destroying Alex. On the one hand, one feels sorry for him, but for him to disappear from public life is great news for Donald Trump, for America and for the world, and very bad news for the supporters of mammoth corporations and global government. Of course, the feeble-minded fantasy stories will continue to spread even without Jones, but there is no channel with similar power.

Supporters of government power p have shot themselves in their own foot.

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