Religious monopoly leads to passivity. At least within the Western civilization. You want to create an absolutely atheistic nation? Establish one church, give it a prominent social status, and suppress the sects. It doesn’t matter whether the main church is Catholic or Protestant. The result will be the same every time.

In politics, that’s probably true too. Once all the parties are united in a cartel, and once people find that the tools for suppressing opposition are effective enough, they will stop caring about politics. They will grumble about the conditions, but they will not be interested in the parties and their programmes. And they will not be active. And they won’t miss it.

Only small groups on the fringes will be passionately interested in politics, but the majority will ignore those groups.

If this hypothesis is correct, then we can expect the power struggle to shift away from politics.

On the pirate void

On the third place of the Pirates’ candidate list (this is the Czech substitute for the Greens) for the European Parliament, a kind of starlet was written in, apparently a typical product of the current bureaucratic machinery. A grey mouse without knowledge, insight or opinion. Perfectly committed, which means perfectly adaptable. If she becomes an MEP, she will obediently raise her hand without understanding what she is voting on. Nothing else is expected of a Pirate MEP.

What campaign theme can such a political hopeful choose? That’s right, sexual harassment. Someone reportedly wrote on a social networking site that he wanted her in bed and someone else asked if she also had a profile where she displays erotic photos. The candidate was so traumatized by this that she keeps showing us screen shots of the lewd messages. Why is she showing them to the world over and over again if it has traumatised her so much? It’s simple. Because that’s all she knows.

But apparently that’s enough for Pirate Party voters. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if they have an IQ of 140 or an IQ of 60 because they can create a mass where everyone acts like they have an IQ of 60. Now they finally have a topic they are mentally sufficient for. Where are the days when there was a young communist promoter treading water. Not that I think she’s going to solve anything, but at least she managed to distinguish herself from the crowd.

About a new world order

“The new world order is here,” writes Thomaz Fazy at Unherd after the BRICS summit. And indeed. After the recent summit and the admission of new members, BRICS represents the world’s largest economic bloc (larger than the US and all its allies combined), most of the raw materials, most of the world’s population, access to all the technology and military power.

As Fazy writes, in addition to the economic benefits, those interested in BRICS value freedom above all. Suddenly you are a member of the most powerful bloc, which gives you the status that no one will fire missiles at you, no one will stage a coup in your country, and no one will declare an embargo on you.

Maybe in time China will start behaving as aggressively as the US, but it’s smart enough not to do that for now. And the Chinese emperor has enough power to prevent Chinese corporations from behaving in such a way.

Next year, Russia will be the BRICS chair. That’s going to be hilarious.

We in the Czech Republic may not have basic medicines and our factories are going bankrupt because of expensive energy, but we can draw maps of where everywhere doesn’t have flush toilets. And read amazing articles about how we’d destroy them all if we wanted to.

About liberating territories

Every day we read about the “liberation of territories” and we get the image of regions where people live under the rule of the hated Russian occupiers. At least, it may seem so – from the comfort of our offices in Prague or London. But British journalist Patrick Lancaster, who works directly in Donetsk and Luhansk, walking the streets and interviewing ordinary people, gives a very different account: ‘These people feel they are Russians, they want nothing to do with Ukraine and they see Russian soldiers as heroes. That’s what the workers, the doctors, the nurses say…”

We are giving billions to the war, contributing to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and damaging our own country to “liberate” this territory. In the meantime, by the way, Ukraine has lost so much of its population through death and migration that it would have no one to populate the “liberated” territories anyway.

On the differences between the elites

Note that the elites are in some ways completely uniform and mob-like, and in some ways diverse. High-level executives perform differently from, say, Hollywood stars in some ways. For example, in that they try to protect their own loved ones from the horrible anti-civilization excesses (and make no secret of it), while dumb movie starlets blithely apply the worst to their children. That’s why it sometimes makes sense to emulate those executives in some ways (like not giving their kids computers or smartphones), while the starlets are only good at choosing lipstick.

By the way, the political elites in countries on the periphery of the West (such as the Czech Republic) are mostly Hollywood in this respect.

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