In my interview with philosopher Antonín Dolák, I also discussed the relationship between feminism and Islam. If today I were to ostentatiously convert to Islam, go to a gender studies center in a few days, transcend myself, and visibly commit sexual violence there, I would get away with it. And not, perhaps, because I’m so attractive or they’re so happy with me, but simply because they have their priorities aligned. In any conflict between Muslims and non-believers, they have to side with the Muslims. Likewise, if a black man rapes a white woman, gender feminists side with the black man. Their irrational hatred of all things male only works within what they themselves define as the white race.

By the way, some conservatives in Western Europe have noticed this and have actually converted to Islam. It worked. They say the same things as before, but they are no longer pariahs and members of the far right. The big media started to consider them credible respectable people, they started to be invited on TV shows, etc. In my book Breaking the Walls Two (there is only a Czech version) I give a number of specific examples. This is one of the underestimated channels of Islamisation, reinforced by our tendency to form romantic notions of anything foreign. This creates legends of family life working in Islamic societies, of sexual morality there, of no sex changes, of wives being taken care of, etc. Legends that are utterly nonsensical but nonetheless impressive.

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