In France, the islamo-left is taking over. Did the French choose it? Rather, it has been confirmed that Macron is about a thousand times smarter than LePen, so the National Front has not been helped by the rather massive popular support.

And we are also seeing the same trend as everywhere in the western world. Mosques producing nutters cutting up random passers-by is a lesser evil for the political and managerial class than the risk of the new aristocracy losing its privileged status. Me and work! The earth better burn.

This is true in France, the US, the Czech Republic and everywhere else in the Western world.

A few years ago I wrote about government by the people. Today I see it as more realistic that the current elite (in the sense of holding political and economic power, not in the sense of ability or character) could be replaced by some competing elite. One that will rely more on its abilities than its privileges.

Of course, this may not be the only explanation for what is happening in France. If in time it turns out that Macron was influenced by some Qatari fund, I won’t be at all surprised.

Either way it shows how little time there is. There is no point in dealing with England any more, perhaps it would be better for her to sink into the sea. But there are more and more to come. Including the Czech Republic.

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