On taqiyya

Dec 12, 2023

The meaning of the term ” taqiyya” is quite well known among independent-minded people. In Islam, the term is used to describe a martial lie. A Muslim confuses the infidels and thereby causes their defeat. To use taqiyya is right, noble and moral.

And now comes the interesting part. People may know about it, but when they come across taqiyya, they easily accept it. Do you hate the Russians? Then we’ll slip you a taqiyya that mentions the evil Russians. You hate Jews? Then we’ll slip you a taqiyya featuring nasty Jews. You hate Americans? And so on.

Like the number of Palestinian casualties in the current war. We’re bombarded on all sides with propaganda about tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. All it takes is for some Hamas propagandist to say it and the mainstream and the alternative agree that it must be true. Occasionally, reference is made to the New York Times or the UN. But where did the New York Times or the UN get it from? Again, from the same Hamas propagandists.

This can be seen very well in the case of Al-Ahli Hospital. There is no confirmed information on how many people were killed there (figures vary from 15 to 500) and what actually exploded there. Solid analysts agree that nothing can be said with certainty without a more detailed inspection of the site. So all we know is that Hamas claimed that an Israeli bomb killed 500 people, did not allow any neutral observers in, and carefully cleared away all the pieces.

Anyone who believes jihadist propaganda is a fool. Whoever repeats it is a scoundrel.

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