One of the great things about science as a way of thinking is that scientists can be controlled by anyone who puts in the work. You just need to learn the basic logical procedures, which is not that hard, and the special vocabulary used in this or that field. It takes effort, but it can be done. Among other things, for the fact that scientific outputs take the form of articles with a clear logical structure.

That’s a huge difference from a high priest telling you that the great spaghetti deity is angry, or conspiracists telling you that Bill Gates wants to murder humanity with poisoned vaccines. There, we have only a choice between “believing” and “not believing.”

For example, scientists have now calculated that even with just one degree of climate change, billions of people will find themselves in intolerable conditions. You can panic, or you can go through the text and see what they actually found, and what they conclude.

And what you will find is this. It’s better for the human body to be in temperatures below 30 degrees and with less humidity. If it gets warmer, then that means some people will be in temperatures above 30 degrees more days of the year than they are now. Which is logical. Then it gets described with words like “extreme” or “threat to billions of people.” Note that there is no falsification of data in this. No one is actually lying. It’s just a fairly trivial finding wrapped in a lot of emotion.

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