I’m tired of reading political manifestos. Even the manifestos that are politically close to my heart. Emotional, lofty words express a determination to fight for certain ideals… and that’s where it ends. It couldn’t have gone any other way. The manifesto is both a declaration of war and the beginning of a decisive battle. And where is our army? Where are the guns? Where are the supporters? Without them, it’s just a meaningless cry.

Is anyone here willing to spend years building up a sufficient force first? Does anyone realize that political power is almost always created as a byproduct of some other agenda?

When I criticize the habits of the new aristocracy, where the powerpoint slide is the only fact that counts, and where an incredible number of people can make a living with “action plans”, it is fair to admit that there is an equivalent on the other side of the political divide – manifestos. In the Czech environment, then there are demonstrations.

Christopher Ruf’s “counter-revolutionary manifesto” is currently stirring internet discussions. In a few weeks no one will remember it.

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