As we scan the commentary around the latest developments in the Middle East, we come across an interesting logical problem. How to give a reasonable explanation without talking about jihad. Indeed, it is inappropriate, even rude, to remind Muslims of what their holy scriptures and religious authorities command.

If we could speak and think freely about jihad and sharia law, the significance of Middle East events would be clear. Everything would be clear and the episodes would fit together perfectly. That things fit together does not necessarily mean that it is a true interpretation. However, there is some hope that it could be a true interpretation. As opposed to an interpretation where the parts contradict each other.

When the Caliph Uthman promulgated the first official version of the Qur’an in 656 and the figure of Muhammad appeared (we need not now address whether the description exactly matched any historical figure), the statements and actions attributed to him spoke in no uncertain terms. The implication was that a truly orthodox Muslim must fight against the infidels, inspire terror in them and keep them constantly in fear. To ambush, kill, torture, sell into slavery. There is no moral line beyond which a true Muslim should no longer go. Anything is right in the fight against infidels. The only immoral thing is to stop fighting. And Jews are the second worst of the infidels (pagans and atheists are even lower beings).

If you think I’m exaggerating, check out the books of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, which systematically describes what is written in those holy writings.

The Hamas movement is made up of people who have read these writings since childhood (or heard them in the mosque) and consider them to be absolutely perfect expressions of God’s will. Then we cannot be surprised at their actions. After all, note that not even the slightest criticism of the atrocities being committed has been heard from the Muslim world. Everyone knows that Mohammed would have done exactly the same thing. They have been taught that since childhood. And they know that Muhammad was the most perfect man.

But what if you leave Islam out of the interpretation? Then how do you construct a logical explanation? I mean, these people are acting completely irrational! They must have gone mad. After all, that’s how European courts usually see it when they judge jihadist murders. They always conclude that the holy war fighter was mentally disturbed.

But to say that millions of people are mentally disturbed is not entirely satisfactory. So what are the other possibilities?

One of them is pushed at the highest levels of society. There they have an easy and proven solution – Putin! After all, there is a person who is responsible for all the evil in the universe. He replaces the devil. It was Putin who sent the jihadists. It is Putin who caused their bloodlust. It is Putin who caused the harshness of Israeli retaliation.

But the opposition doesn’t believe in the evil Putin. Then who does? One could perhaps offer the possibility that Hamas’ bloodlust was jointly caused by Messrs. Gates, Fauci and Schwab. Actually, that would not be entirely absurd, since Hamas does receive billions from the EU and the US government.

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