Regular NATO troops are already fighting in Ukraine, the Polish foreign minister said. But in Ukraine, the West is desperately losing. Debacle follows debacle. If the Polish minister is not lying (which is unlikely because others suggest the same information), then the Russian army is crushing NATO troops. It is crushing them mercilessly and defeating them by a huge margin. The Ukrainian NATO forces (which may not actually be Ukrainian) are losing equipment, losing men, losing territory. Social networks are full of images of burning German and American tanks. And NATO has nothing left to deploy. It doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of troops or thousands of tanks or full ammunition depots. It doesn’t even have the factories to produce it. It doesn’t even have a public willing to support military action. It doesn’t even have the ability to support an air force to change the balance on the battlefield.

An escalation would therefore mean nothing other than bombs starting to fall on Moscow, Prague and Berlin. Many more bombs on Prague and Berlin than on Moscow. Given the balance of forces, the scenario of the Russian army in Warsaw and Berlin is beginning to take shape. A scenario that no one wanted and that the Russians especially do not want. However, this is exactly what the Czech government, the Polish government and some other European governments are pushing for.

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