Injustice in America

Jan 31, 2024

We talk about global elites, but after all, power, financial and media elites are not the same all over the world. The new aristocracy in Prague and Warsaw enthusiastically promotes Nazi symbols, while the new aristocracy in New York is uncomfortable, to say the least. When a member of the liberal oligarchy (another name for the same thing) breaks a fingernail in Prague, it is jointly the fault of Putin and Babiš (a local tycoon who refuses to sell his dominion to multinational groups). When a member of the liberal oligarchy breaks a fingernail in New York, it is the fault of patriarchy, colonialism and racism. In Prague, you will find those motives too, and they are warmly supported, but they are not mandatory equipment.

So now, for example, there’s a debate about why Barbie wasn’t also nominated for an Oscar in the Best Director category. Well, because it was made by a woman, that’s for sure! Otherwise, it would have clearly won. And America’s committed idiots are crying about how they don’t know how they’re going to explain such a lunatic injustice to their daughters. It is especially keenly felt by members of those posh families who live off the poverty of thousands of workers in their country and in the American colonies. Yes, these are the families that got rich off the labor of 10-year-old miners in the Pennsylvania mines. Nothing wrong with that, because those lazy bums are all racist and all sexist anyway, so they don’t deserve anything else.

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