After weeks of rising tensions, war did indeed break out. What do you think?

What we feared most was direct conflict between the superpowers. That is, a conflict where there would be a high risk of deploying weapons of mass destruction.

No one wanted that, of course, but when tensions are too high, conflict can break out through a simple mistake or accident. And we see incredible confusion and amateurism on the part of the West. It is almost hard to believe that people of even average intelligence act like this. Perhaps the only good news for the world is that on the Russian side there is a statesman with strategic thinking who knows what he wants and is going for it. Nobody is happy about this latest development and the war with Ukraine, but it is a better option than a war of nuclear-tipped missiles caused by the senility of the US President.

Where does so much stupidity and incompetence come from in Western staffs and ministries?

That is a good question. Never in history have statesmen had such vast staffs of experts at their disposal. Never have they had computers capable of processing such vast quantities and running such sophisticated simulations. And yet the level of decision-making is somewhere between a monkey and a mentally handicapped person.

I fear this is a necessary consequence of the way the new aristocracy – the new ruling class in the Western world – operates. A consequence of a condition where all the capacity of the brain is fully concentrated on questions like: How can I increase my budget? How can I expand my powers? What opinion will strengthen my social position? What should I think in this situation? Am I acting loyal enough? Am I acting too loyal again?

These people are judged by the headlines. Not by the impact their policies have on the population.

The politicians are judged by the headlines. Not by the impact their policies have on the population.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has decided to recognise the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk. He was immediately criticised and sanctions were launched. His American counterpart, Joe Biden, said that he considered this move to be the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Do you see it the same way?

First of all, we should remember that this is not a TV show, to vote who is in the right. Instead, we should be asking about the impact on the citizens of the Czech Republic and on local businesses. We need a stable supply of cheap energy, we need good markets for our products, and it is important to us that masses of refugees do not flow in. Whether or not a move will be labelled as an invasion or aggression is something we are not aware of. For my part, let Mr. Biden call it, say, a space landing.

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