“It is no longer the case that European governments do not ‘just’ protect their borders. They are proactively bringing in enemy combatants!”

Obedience competitions

Parliamentary elections have just ended in the Czech Republic. It ended with a clear victory for the globalist conservative right. The kind of politicians that would have made George Bush Jr. happy. The kind that will support colonial wars and transnational capital. Occasionally they’ll utter a conservative platitude, but when the corporations announce they want 56 genders, they won’t be a problem.

One astute observer has noted that the policy programs of the winning coalition are much the same as they were in the mid-1990s. The gentlemen politicians probably haven’t realised that the world has changed at all. That the war in Afghanistan is over as it is. That America today is a very different country than it was in the 1990s. And that some of the popular economic prescriptions of the time have not worked.

Is that really what they want to do? I’m afraid the reality is sadder. Today’s prime minister of a small or medium-sized country simply follows the orders he receives from Brussels, Washington, Berlin or the headquarters of a corporation. He has to engage his own brain only when Washington wants something different from Berlin. And it is the brain that evaluates who is more profitable to obey. It doesn’t address what is beneficial or what the impact will be on the people of its own country.

Reality worse than the Alien movie

The German government has sent a plane to pick up a few dozen “brides of the Islamic State” – that is, women who from the first will radicalize Muslim communities, harass those Muslims who have no immediate interest in jihad, promote female circumcision, child marriage, murder apostates, and probably even engage in assassination plots. This is not the first action of this kind in Europe – a few years ago the British Government sent a warship to bring in a jihadist who then killed dozens of children in a bombing.

It is no longer the case that European governments do not ‘just’ protect their borders. They are proactively bringing in enemy combatants! Even the makers of the movie Alien didn’t have that kind of imagination- according to them, some corporation was trying to get the monster to Earth secretly. In the real world, importing aliens would be an official government program.

Castrati instead of psychopaths

Vratislav Roháč (Czech national socialist with a Marxist background): “If we are talking about the conflict of interest between labour and capital, then it should be added that capital has changed somewhat since the days of Marx.It is not represented by the entrepreneur who rules sovereignly over his property, the factory, the mine. Rather, it is represented today by a managerial class that manages and controls the property of anonymous shareholders. There is often more power hidden in the management of companies than is implied by their formal ownership.

This shift is reminiscent of the former development of feudalism. At first, the holders of power were aristocrats ruling sovereignly over their estates; later, real power shifted to the court aristocracy. The older so-called rural nobility declined because they were not in a place where power was centralized within the absolutist state. In its place, a new servile nobility came into power, whose position of power derived from their official position in the state apparatus”.

The same conclusion is reached by all those who seriously study the issue. The holders of power are not the owners but the managers. But we cannot think of these managers as boys and girls from poor families who have shown talent, graduated from management school and established themselves with good results. Today’s senior managers generally come from the richest families, graduated from the most expensive schools, and from childhood onwards form a social stratum completely separate from ordinary people. In a sense, then, we can speak of a transformation – those who used to rule through ownership now rule through managerial functions.But by changing the way they govern, they have also changed their behaviour and changed the requirements for character traits. There were fewer classical psychopaths. But as it turns out, this has not brought any improvement. On the contrary.

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