Why is Brexit working so badly

Why is UK independence working so badly? Because the British people have not and will not actually take the step towards an independent and self-sufficient country. That would entail rebuilding their own industry, rebuilding their own agriculture, investing in education, restoring pride to the working class, treating people differently, and it would probably entail a completely different judicial system and civil service – native Britons would no longer be second-class people who are only fit to be prey for migrants. And for whom nothing is tolerated other than the occasional drunken stupor.

The English would of course learn to drive trucks and everything else, but they would have to be given the opportunity and treated differently.

It just doesn’t seem to be where Britain is heading. They’ve just got rid of a few onerous bureaucratic regulations, but nothing else has changed. If your country still belongs to foreigners, Brexit is actually pointless. That goes for Czech countries as well. What is the point of Czexit? To stop corporate assembly plants from being subject to the rules that the owners of those assembly plants pushed through in Brussels? We need to go much deeper.

Conservative debacle in Switzerland

The Swiss have voted in a referendum on gay marriage, including child adoption and everything else. The referendum ended in a landslide victory, with almost two-thirds of the participants voting in favour of full-fledged gay marriage. For conservatives (among whom I count myself), this is a serious defeat. It is the first or one of the first times that such a measure has been imposed on people not by judges or parliaments, but by their own choice.

It shows what has been seen for many years. The conservatives can delay change, but it cannot delay it indefinitely. It cannot change the overall course of development. Not just because it has less money and political power, but mainly because it has no vision of its own. What is it actually advocating? The preservation of society in the 1980s? A return to the Middle Ages? None of this can work. A different vision of the future needs to be put forward than that advocated by progressives. A better, more humane, but still modern vision. And more attractive.

Viktor Orbán about the vaccination

Vaccination is the only proven effective way to fight coronavirus, Viktor Orbán said in a statement. During the three waves of the epidemic, Hungary has experienced that quarantine measures and masks are not able to defeat the virus, and in fact not even to slow it down significantly. But if enough people are vaccinated, normal life can be maintained. On the third booster dose, he said that “it is better to have that option than not”, adding that people with the third dose will be better protected. So far, more than half a million people in Hungary have received the third booster dose. Prime Minister Orbán noted that most Hungarians are vaccinated and protected against the virus. He urged those who have not yet been vaccinated to do so. He added that Hungary is ready for the fourth wave. The government has already asked parliament to extend the special legal regime until the end of the year.




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