At yesterday’s lecture in Brno, I discussed – among other things – why there is so little political violence in the Czech Republic. This is a huge difference from most of Western Europe, where it is normal for opposition politicians to be attacked, have their windows smashed, sometimes have their cars smashed, etc. What is the difference? Why has this not been transferred to us like other patterns of behaviour of the new aristocracy?

The difference is in weapons and physical preparedness! In the Czech Republic of ten million people own nearly a million firearms. Tens of thousands of people have taken various courses in self-defence, martial arts, etc. Most of them are supporters of the opposition. No wonder that in such a situation multicultural activists do not want to open up open conflicts. Even the disruption of the main opposition party’s rallies has been limited to whistling – in Germany the participants would have been physically attacked.

And it also explains the incredibly hysterical reaction of the authorities to a few childish attempts to set up a militia. No one could have thought for a tenth of a second that these people were capable of staging a coup. But they prevented the hunt for opposition figures.

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