Immediately after the recent Hamas attack, a public discussion began in Israel about whether there was a failure of the security forces, where the fault lay, who was responsible, what needs to change, etc.

Yesterday in Prague, an attack took place in which the gunman – a student at the Faculty of Arts – killed 15 of his schoolmates and teachers. The main concern of the President and the Prime Minister is that no such discussion takes place. This is what the main part of their speeches was devoted to (apart from information on who is holding what minute of silence). Both urged people not to criticise the security forces and not to share any criticism.

There would certainly be something to discuss. I have been pointing out for some time in these glosses that the priority of the Czech security forces is becoming the suppression of political opposition and that at the same time their ability to protect citizens is declining. Yesterday seems to have been a case in point. According to the mainstream press, the killer hung posts on social media that suggested he was up to something terrible. And nobody noticed! At a time when we’re spied on at every turn and our every letter is monitored. If he had written that he was a Putin supporter, the police would have acted in a flash. But just a suspicion of a mass murder in the making, who would deal with that?

We pay several security units and dozens of NGOs to monitor social media content. And when someone writes something harsh against the nobility, they are escorted in handcuffs from abroad. And the killers get away. The president, the prime minister and the interior minister consider such a prioritization to be correct, and have no intention of changing anything about it. In fact, their only concern is that it shouldn’t be talked about.

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