About noble morons

Mar 27, 2024

The Czech parliament solemnly voted that “Russia is a security threat” and those who did not support it are now being dragged through the press as traitors.

So I have an explanation for those who didn’t make it through all of elementary school. Parliament or any other body can vote on a policy position. For example, it may vote that the fight against Russia will henceforth be an absolute national priority. Or it can change the law so that all pensioners are deployed on the Eastern Front. I’m not saying it would be sensible, but it is possible to make such a political decision.

By contrast, Parliament cannot decide how high Mount Blanc is, what the relationship is between voltage and current in a conductor, or when Vladimir Putin was born. Such things are not decided, they are investigated or ascertained.

Whether or not Russia is a security threat is precisely the typical question where the answer must be ascertained. A Parliament that votes on such a matter is mentally on the level of Trautenberg from the old children’s show (a comic character from an old Czech TV series. A nobleman without property and power who gave orders and nobody listened to him). Which is not really surprising.

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