If you give people a piece of land and allow them to fight and defend that land, you make them good people. You put people with the same genes in positions as bankers and business crooks in a country they have no relationship to, you make bad people. High intelligence will be more of a handicap, because with that. is always associated with the temptation to cheat others.

This is the key to understanding Judaism and Israel. Israel’s heroes, who are facing jihad, and against them the Jewish communities who are taking the jihadists are being bought off by the jihadis. In America, such Jews are demanding the removal of the Ten Commandments
the Ten Commandments as a Christian symbol that they say offends them. In it’s actually a Jewish symbol, but who cares. The chief rabbi in
France endorsed the Islamists before the election. And the disgraceful behaviour of the leadership of the Prague Jewish community during the migration crisis I don’t need to comment on it in detail.

I’m just pointing out that it would should not lead to the conclusion that all people with Jewish genes are the same and and judge Israel accordingly.

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