Personalities about the book

“The author of Breached Enclosure is a keen observer and a great analytical thinker. His book provides a clear and focused message.”

Ivan David, a psychiatrist and a member of European Parliament



“This extraordinary book answers questions that everyone should be asking, but no one is: how has the West lost its mind and made up its mind to commit civilizational suicide? The answers given to this question and related ones in this book are fascinating and compelling.”

Robert B. Spencer, editor in-chief of Jihad Watch and NYT bestseller author



“Breached Enclosure is well-written and concentrates on the most important issues of our times.”

Jan Keller, a professor of sociology and a member of European Parliament



“The method used in Breached Enclosure renews trust in sociology as a science.”

Benjamin Kuras, a writer, ex-editor of BBC



“The book includes a true populist social theory that underlies patriotic revolts against global elites—a clear answer to neomarxism.”

Petr Bystron, economist and a member of Bundestag



“The best Czech book of this century.”

Ladislav Vetvička, 10 times the Czech blogger of the year



“This book is a milestone in understanding the roots of the migration crisis.”

Jaroslav Basta, an archeologist and a minister of the Czech government


“This book brought me the hope that we can stave off the Islamization of Europe.”

Frantisek Gil, a nazi death camp survivor